Precision payments brought to healthcare

Anomaly enables fast, accurate healthcare payments—reducing costs and complexity for everyone

The right payment, the first time

Anomaly enables providers and payers to prevent denials, appeals, and overpayments within current workflows

"Waste in the US Health Care System: Estimated Costs and Potential for Savings." JAMA. October 2019

Reduce unnecessary costs

Payment errors and associated administrative cost contribute over $300 billion in wasteful spending each year

Reduce abrasion

Paying the right amount the first time improves the provider and member experience

Next generation technology meets turnkey solutions

Anomaly's AI-powered solution integrates at key points in the claims life cycle, enabling scaled impact without complicated integrations or workflow changes

"Anomaly applies modern technology to improve payment accuracy and reduce friction for payers, providers, and patients."
Jeff Alter
Anomaly Chairman, former CEO of UnitedHealthcare commercial, and former EVP at Anthem

A dynamic solution for a changing world

From telemedicine to gene therapies, healthcare is rapidly evolving—and payment errors evolve with it. Anomaly's AI technology learns new problem areas as they emerge, detecting payment issues missed with standard tools.

Improving healthcare payments. Together.

Streamlining healthcare payments and reducing errors requires an industry-wide solution. Anomaly’s team brings together top engineers and data scientists, deep healthcare payments experts, and experienced payer leaders. We partner with payers and providers so that the right amount is paid the first time.

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Our products

Preventing denials and accelerating accurate payments for providers and payers

  • Smart Response

    Enables providers to rapidly identify and correct avoidable claim errors before they are processed by the payer.

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