Precision Payments brought to healthcare

Anomaly’s cutting-edge technology lowers costs for employers and payers by reducing fraud, waste, and abuse in their healthcare spend

A new way to tackle fraud, waste, and abuse

Anomaly uses AI & machine learning to detect and reduce improper billing for employers and payers

"The Challenge of Healthcare Fraud." National Health Care Anti-Fraud Association.

"The Human Cost of Medicare Fraud and Abuse." Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA). Jan 2020; "Billing Quality is Medical Quality." JAMA. February 2020.

Reduce unnecessary healthcare costs

Fraud, waste, and abuse is estimated to cost up to 10% of healthcare spend, amounting to more than $300B every year.

Provide peace of mind

Fraud and abuse is associated with poor clinical outcomes, and dealing with improper billing can be stressful and time-consuming. Precision Payments are better for everyone.

Next generation technology meets turnkey solutions

Anomaly’s advanced technology is simple to implement, without complicated integrations or disruption

"Anomaly applies modern technology to the pressing problem of fraud, waste, and abuse and delivers superior results to payers, employers and governments to help lower costs and improve outcomes for people."
Jeff Alter
Anomaly Chairman and former CEO, UnitedHealthcare Commercial

A dynamic solution for a changing world

From telemedicine to gene therapies, healthcare is rapidly evolving—and fraud, waste, and abuse evolves with it. Anomaly's AI technology learns new problem areas as they emerge, detecting improper billing missed with standard tools.

Tackling fraud, waste, and abuse. Together.

Addressing fraud, waste, and abuse requires an industry-wide solution. Anomaly’s team brings together deep domain experts, top engineers and data scientists, and experienced payer and benefits leaders. We partner with payers, employers, and consultants to tackle fraud, waste, and abuse with Precision Payments.

Our Team

Our products

  • Recover

    Anomaly Recover enables you to recover overpayment from your past spend

  • Prevent

    Anomaly Prevent catches improper billing before the money goes out the door

Anomaly’s full-service solutions are easy to implement, without disruption to members.

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